GDPR: Breaking the Third-party Data Habit

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Ah, GDPR. Like the guy (or girl) you matched with on Tinder six months ago who got less interesting the more you got to know them, it just won’t go away. It keeps sliding into your DMs with teasing headlines like, “Data Protection Authority of Baden-Württemberg Issues First German Fine Under the GDPR” or “Washington Post offers invalid cookie consent under EU rules“. And there you were thinking you were done with it back in May, when you sent all your users that “Please respond to this email to stay on our mailing list” email and threw that giant banner about cookies up on your website.

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Accenture buys Memetrics and Maxamine

Reading Time: < 1 minute

More news from the big-dog-eat-small-dog world of online marketing & optimization: Accenture (specifically, its Online Marketing Sciences group) announced yesterday that it’s to buy both Memetrics and Maxamine. The Memetrics deal has already closed; the Maxamine deal will likely close within 30 days. I know the guys at Memetrics and Maxamine pretty well – they’re … Read more

MVT consolidation continues…

Reading Time: < 1 minute

… with the acquisition of Optimost by Interwoven. This is an interesting acquirer for an MVT firm – only yesterday at E-metrics, I was saying to someone that until MVT was a built-in option in content management systems that essentially allows users to press a button and have the site “deliver the best content/layout”, it … Read more

An MVT buyer’s guide – part 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Welcome to the second installment of my MVT “buyer’s guide”. In the first installment, I provided a short introduction to MVT and talked about one of the biggest challenges – that of getting statistically significant results in a reasonable amount of time. Now let’s move onto two more key things to look for: analytical power, … Read more

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