JavaScript advice

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There’s a good post over on Avinash’s blog with 9 tips for getting JavaScript tagging right on your website. There’s not much for me to add except to say that you should click the link above and read his advice; but I do have one thing to add about redirects (point 7 in Avinash’s post). … Read more

Open Source Web Analytics

Reading Time: 2 minutes

News reaches me of the launch of the first open-source web analytics tool – Breadboard BI Web Analytics, from the folks at Breadboard BI. When I was at WebAbacus, we had some quite lengthy discussions as to whether we should make the WebAbacus platform available as open source software. In fact Dan Drury even wrote … Read more

ActiveX miseries

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s just come to my attention (on account of installing the latest security patches for Windows from Microsoft) that a small but profound change has been made to the way Internet Explorer handles ActiveX plugins (such as Flash, PDF, Quicktime and Java). Owing to a patent dispute with a no-name company called Eolas, who licensed … Read more

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