6 steps to building your Marketing Data Strategy

Reading Time: 11 minutes

Your company has a Marketing Strategy, right? It’s that set of 102 slides presented by the CMO at the offsite last quarter, immediately after lunch on the second day, the session you may have nodded off in (it’s ok, nobody noticed. Probably). It was the one that talked about customer personas and brand positioning and … Read more

Online Advertising Business 101, Part V – Rich Media

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Welcome back to my Online Advertising Business 101 series. In my previous posts in this series, I’ve painted a somewhat simplified picture of the major players in the online advertising market, and how they interact; and we’ve looked at some of the technology that these folks use, specifically ad serving technology for advertisers and publishers. … Read more

Online Ad Business 101, Part III – Ad Networks

Reading Time: 7 minutes

So far in my nascent Online Ad Business 101 series, I’ve covered the overall advertising value chain, and looked at a superficial level at how an ad ‘call’ is actually handled. This installment brings together themes from those two first posts, by taking a look at ad networks. As I have mentioned before, ad networks … Read more

Online Advertising Business 101, Part II – How does adserving actually work?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Welcome to the second part of my Online Advertising 101 series. One of the things that I’ve discovered people fail to appreciate about online advertising is how much goes on behind the scenes in order to bring you an innocuous-looking banner ad. Whilst this is a relatively technical topic to cover in a series which … Read more

Online Advertising Business 101, Part I – The Online Advertising Value Chain

Reading Time: 7 minutes

When you spend as much time as I do examining the workings of the online ad industry, it’s easy to forget that, to many people, it really is pretty opaque. Not only is it characterized by some of the most complex and scalable technology in the world, but it also has its own, pretty unique, … Read more

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